Wishes & Wellies Children’s Craft Kits Review

Today, we have a guest post from the lovely Wishes and Wellies as she gives us a Children’s Craft Kits Review of some of the kits we do. So now it’s over to Becky from Wishes and Wellies.

Since I was little my mother has always encouraged us to play outside, be with nature and learn about the environment around us. As soon as I had my kids I knew this was the same life I wanted for them. We have been very lucky to have wonderful outdoor spaces available to us and both Little and Mini Viking are keen gardeners and fascinated by what grows and lives around them.

Children craft kit review by Wishes and Wellies

When we were approached by the amazing Toadstools and Tippytoes to try out some of their products we jumped at the chance. I was blown away by the ideas Kelle (Owner of Toadstools and Tippytoes) had for parties and workshops. The kits encourage role play and completely immerse the children in the activities they are doing.

We were sent the following:
• Create your own Ladybird House kit £7.00
• Create your own Fairy Bird House and Toadstool kit £12.00
• Bug Hotel Craft Lit. £9.00
• Toadstool Bird Feeder Craft Kit £8.00

Needless to say when the kids opened it their little eyes popped out of their sockets. Much to my relief they happily selected which ones they wanted to do. Little Viking is obsessed with Ladybirds so he was super excited to see if he could paint his bright colours would we have lots of ladybirds come and live in the garden. He also was very excited about the Birdhouse and Toadstool kit. We have had some baby birds nest in our tree so again his hope is when they grow older they will want to come nest in his house. Mini Viking decided she was all about the bug hotel, but was disappointed it didn’t go on a plane (made me chuckle).

Ladybird House Craft kit review

We started with the Ladybird House Kit. Each kit is so well thought out, you get the paints, brushes, and everything you could need for the houses. So often when we have tried craft kits before we have had to find other pieces to complete them. Little Viking wasted no time getting painting and then sat and watched it dry. We then spent some time focusing on tying the rope to hang the ladybird house. once this was done we took it straight out to the garden to hang it up. We think it really brightens up the garden and we cannot wait to see if any beautiful bugs move in!

I then helped Mini Viking with the Bug Hotel. Again it came with everything you could need. She painted the main house and I painted all the little wooden bits that went inside. We then spent ages talking about all the little bugs that could move in. Mini wanted Bees so we had to explain to her we doubt it would be them, but we are now hoping for Woodlice. I was really impressed with how occupied she was with the task, she doesn’t normally have a long attention span. She was chatting away whilst painting and picking colours for each section like a little interior designer it was very cute.

The Fairy Birdhouse and Toadstool Kit was I think the favourite for us to make together. Mini and I painted the bird house whilst Little Viking took the toadstool. Once they were painted we glued on the moss on the roof of the birdhouse. I thought this was a really sweet idea. Included in the pack was also glitter, so before everything dried we made wishes and blew glitter on it. It was so magical if not a little messy (but what is crafting with kids if you don’t get a bit messy!) The Bird House got prime location in the garden attached to our tree with the treehouse in. I love walking down there and seeing it there in all its beauty. Little Viking was a little reluctant to leave the toadstool so that actually sits on his window sill now!

The Toadstool Bird Feeder Craft Kit was actually my personal favourite (probably because its the one I got the most say in!). The toadstool is actually designed as a feeder, which I think is simply adorable. I was really surprised (in a good way) that the feeder actually comes with birdseed (see I told you they thought of everything!). What I think I like about this kit was you can be as simple or as intricate as you like with its painting. We left the inside plain but did lots of colour of the top of the toadstool and a plain colour on the bottom. We placed the feeder outside and within half an hour we had to great tits feeding out of it. My aim is to try to get a photo of it at some point.

Other than the obvious fun we had with all the kits, one of the things I think I loved even more was that we stopped and took time out of our busy day, slowed down and with no screens, no technology, just enjoyed some creative fun as a family, laughing, getting messy and allowing imaginations to run wild.

Wishes and Wellies gives us a review of some of our children's craft kits.

With Mini Vikings third birthday coming up I know we are going to be going to Toadstools and Tippytoes for their party packages. It’s so refreshing to see party options that are not plastic tat and actually something worth doing.

So thanks to Wishes and Wellies for her Children’s Craft Kits Review and the gorgeous photo’s of her little Vikings. If you’d like to see more reviews, news and stories please do head over to her blog wishesandwellies.com


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