The First Tooth Fairy Visit

There are many momentous moments as a parent and losing a first tooth is one of those we believe you can add a touch of fairy magic to. The tooth fairy has been a part of children’s early childhoods for generations and here at Toadstools and Tippytoes we thought we’d provide some extra ideas to make that moment even more special.

The tooth fairy provides so much joy and excitement when a child loses their tooth, and as a parent you can join in the fun.

Sprinkle of Fairy Dust 

Just before bedtime, have your little one sprinkle some fairy dust outside your home so the tooth fairy knows she needs to visit! It will add a touch of magic to the excitement of the bedtime routine.

A Tooth Fairy Poem

A tooth fairy poem is a special way to add a touch of magic to your little one’s day. Why not download this free printable for your child to leave out with the tooth as a letter for them. There is room for them to sign it and practise their handwriting skills.

Download and Print the Printable

Then as your child heads to bed, maybe they can roll it up and wrap it in some twine, and leave it out for the Tooth Fairy to collect.

The Tooth Fairy Kit

Waking up to a little gift from the Tooth Fairy is all part of the magic. Traditionally, a coin or two would be well received, but if you want to make that First Visit even more magical, then we do have a perfect little kit.

The Kit comes with a thank you card and gifts to leave your little one. It’s a present from the tooth fairy once the tooth has been collected, made up of Fairy Dust, a Wishing Feather, a Pearl to Treasure and a Fairy Calling Card. You can see the details here

So if you’ve yet to reach the Tooth Fairy milestone, we hope these fairyesque ideas help bring a bit of magic to the occasion.

Or if you’ve already passed the moment we would love to hear what other ideas you have for making that First visit from the Tooth Fairy magical.


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