Our Winter Fairy Nixie

January and February are often the most wintery of months …. frosty mornings, snow showers and cold winds and as the temperature drops here this week, it seems the perfect time to share our Winter Fairy with you. It is the season of Fairy Nixie, she loves scattering frost and snow with a wave of her magical wand. Let’s meet her!

Nixie’s most important job is looking after the animals in the cold weather? During winter, freezing temperatures, snow and ice can prove difficult for birds to find enough food. Fairy Nixie would love it if you would help her out!

The best kind of food are high-energy foods such as fatballs, dried fruit, cheese and unsalted nuts. Just a little water, food and shelter can turn your garden into a vital haven for birds. Do you have anywhere you can leave food out for the birds?

So whilst the cold weather keeps us indoors, you can also have fun with a Fairy Nixie Colouring Page. To add a little extra difference, why not consider breaking out the paints and glitter to give Fairy Nixie a frosty sparkle.


Fairy colouring page - free printable to download.

You can download and print the Free Printable Colouring Page by clicking on the image below. Colouring pages are a great way to ignite your child’s creativity – plus they are a quick and easy activity for you to prepare.

So once your child has created their masterpiece of our Winter Fairy we would love for you to share your coloured pages with us – take a picture and share it in one of the following ways.

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