Our Philosophy

We design magical experiences and are dedicated to creative  play through storytelling, crafting and enchanted minds.  

Everything we design and make holds these core values.

 Unforgettable magical memories and materials that last a lifetime and are cherished beyond childhood.


All activities are designed to let your own imagination be the guide, none of our kits come with instructions, it’s up to you what you make. We believe in open-ended play that inspires parents and kids.


Fairies just love wildlife and looking after insects, birds and other animals. We feel passionate about getting your child outdoors everything we make has been inspired by nature and we firmly believe in this close connection.

Fairy Wise

There is no substitute for the beauty of authentic materials. Natural Materials have the potential to draw you in, make you want to stay and explore a little (or a lot), try new things, create and wonder. Wood, Moss and Dried Rose Buds create the most magical smell, so that your fairies will love the multi-sensory possibilities with these kits and enjoy building solving problems and much more.