Fairy Nixie

The Winter Fairy

Greetings from our winter fairy Nixie, whose name means snowy. Scattering frost and snow with a wave of her magical wand Nixie looks after the woodland animals who need to be kept warm during the cold weather.

Nixies magic has been said to be the strongest of all our fairies. Just a touch of herice blue hair can turn you to ice.

Nixie loves the snow and can always be found very near when the snow fairies release their snow. Fairy Nixie sprinkles snowflakes with sparkling fairy dust and scatters snow and frost on the ground and trees. 

Gifts from Fairy Nixie

Add a touch of sparkle to Fairy Nixie as you colour in this free Printable Colouring Page.


Fairy Nixie helps you get ready for Christmas with this Christmas Wish List. What is at the top of your list?


Fairy Nixie has a little holiday fun with this festive crossword for you to complete.


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