DIY Herb Fairy Gardens

Fairy Willow has some magical ideas to welcome fairies right into your garden by creating a lovely place for them to live. Today we share a way you can make your fairy garden useful too by choosing edible and delicious herbs. Making a herb fairy garden is a wonderful way to engage children in the beauty of gardening and herbalism.

How to Make a Herb Fairy Garden

Herb Fairy Gardens are a fantastic activity for children of all ages. Fairy Willow is here to share some tips with you.

Decide on a location for your Fairy Garden

Your Herbal Fairy Garden can be created in any kind of container, or you can even use a part of your existing garden. Maybe think about a  plant pot, or an old barrel or a galvanzied tub – you can plant it in almost anything, but make sure there is some drainage. If you want to keep it small, why not think about our Grow your own flower fairy garden in a teacup kit?

Pick A Theme

Next,  think about the design of your garden. Will it be a magical garden with a little house and swing to welcome fairies each night? Shop for your fairy themed elements, pick some shells from the beach or collect some twigs from the garden, so that you can let your imagination take over once the creating starts.

Choose The Soil

When growing any kind of food, such as herbs, it’s best to use organic soil. The children will be fine picking and eating the herbs straight from the garden.

Choose and Plant Your Herbs

Think about what herbs you would use the most. I love adding fresh mint to cocktails and I adore fresh mint tea, so mint was definitely on my list of herbs to buy. We love pasta dishes so oregano and basil were a must. If you have a larger container, add some colorful edible flowering plants as well. This is the fun part just remember to leave space for paths and walkways and  space for children to play with the playful elements you will add.

Lastly, Add some Fairy Magic

The most exciting part is adding all the little elements to make your edible fairy herb garden a perfect home for the fairies.  You could create a treehouse or teepee to welcome fairies into your garden.

If you would like to know more about our fairy garden kits take a look here

Fairy Willow’s Edible Herb Garden

Fairy Willow has created a perfect herb garden with the help of her little fairy. Come and see what Fairy Willow has to say.

This edible Herb Fairy garden makes a perfect addition to our garden. The imagination of my beautiful 4 year old is certainly blossoming and with a little help from mummy we have now created a number of fairy gardens.


I wanted to create as much as possible by hand to really get my little fairy excited about the garden – she loves crafting her own things.  It was also important to us to use as many natural materials as we could,  so a range of our fairy garden kits were used to create our Herb Fairy Garden.

There is a bed for our fairies using the Fairy Teepee Treehouse

Add a fairy bed to your edible herb fairy garden to give your fairy somewhere to rest her head.

In our little kitchen we used air dry moulding clay to create tiny plates and cups. Plus adding in the Lotions and Potions kit made sure we could really give our fairies a home to be proud of.

My 4 year old was able to get involved, playing with the moulding clay and helping me put the whole garden together. She loved planting the flowers and placing the leaf shaped stepping stones we created along the pathway.

Fairy gardens really can be an engaging activity for all ages and in just a few hours on a sunny afternoon our little fairy garden came to life.

Older children can help they can draw out a plan of the fairy garden. Their imaginations can go wild and will make the whole process much more engaging for all.

Did you know that some herbs are said to attract fairies? In fact, many of the plants that attract butterflies and bees are also favorites among fairies.

Be sure to let Fairy Willow know if you create your own DIY Herb Fairy Garden, she would love to see.

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