DIY Fairy Rose & Lavender Bath Salts

Fairy Willow welcomes you to the final week of Fairy Summer School.

If you missed our earlier lessons, you can view the other parts here …  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Fairy Summer School and lesson 3 is to make some simple and yummy Fairy Chocolate Puddles

The final week of Fairy Summer School is here and we are heading into the craft room to conjure up some fragrant Bath Salts. Fairies love to give gifts, and these Bath Salts are the perfect gift for any of your grown up loved ones. So let’s get making and complete your fairy training!

Fairy Bath Salts are fun and cheap children's activity

DIY Fairy Rose & Lavender Bath Salts

1 1/2 cups Epsom salts

1/4 cup Dried Rose Petals and Lavender

5-10 Drop Lavender essential oil

Lidded Jar or small glass bottles

Kids can have so much fun creating these and use to gift to loved ones.

How to Make your Fairy Bath Salts

Start by mixing the essential oil into the salt.

Make sure the oil is thoroughly blended throughout, breaking up clumps as you go.

Next, add in the rose petals and dried lavender or chosen dried flowers.

You can choose to either stir the petals through the salt mixture, or decorate on top.

Fill a lidded jar or small bottles and wrap up as a gift.



Fairy Bath Salts are

Fairy Willow Tips for the Grown Ups!

Lay out all your little fairy needs to make their Bath Salts, and have them pick which mixture of dried flowers they would like to use. This is a very sensory activity – the smells and textures of the elements make for hands-on and enjoyable play.


So that concludes our Fairy Summer School! Your little fairy is now a fully fledged fairy and can spend the rest of the summer creating some more fairy magic. Fairy Willow would love to see you completing you any of  your Fairy Summer School training, so please do share them with us, either via email or using #toadstoolsandtippytoessummer

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