Once upon a time Fairy Willow, who also goes by the name of Kelle, began hosting children’s fairytale themed crafting birthday parties and workshops.

As the magical worlds, she created at each party, were so well received, Kelle came up with the idea of Toadstools and Tippytoes. It is the perfect way to spread the fairy magic of creativity and immersive play far and wide, through a fantastic range of craft and creative play kits. 

Founder & Owner of Toadstools and Tippytoes

My love for all things magical and fairies started at a very young age. I was forever creating magic potions, looking for fairies and loving the outdoors.

Now as mummy to a gorgeous little girl , it’s such a dream to see her following in my footsteps.  She is creative and loves magic,  and is my biggest inspiration in all I create.

I hope the magic and wonder we add to our products will leave you feeling inspired and creative.